Victorian swear words

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25 Great Insults From 18th Century British Slang

Open Facebook. Trending J. See More!Under these conditions of repression, obscene words finally came fully into their own. They began to be used in nonliteral ways, and so became not just words that shocked and offended but words with which people could swear. The career of bloody is interesting, because one can clearly see either its perjoration becoming a worse and worse word or the rise of civility in action — or perhaps both.

At around this time, the word starts to get more offensive: It begins to be printed as b——y or b—— and falls out of polite use, where it continues through the Victorian era. Not bloody likely!

🇬🇧Very British Swear Words! 🔥

I am going in a taxi. But they go off on poor bloody. It is. Most frequently, however, as it falls with wearisome reiteration every two or three seconds from the mouths of London roughs of the lowest type, no special meaning, much less a sanguinary one, can be attached to its use.

In such a case it forms a convenient intensitive, sufficiently important as regards sound to satisfy those whose lack of language causes them to fall back upon a frequent use of words of this type. And Julian Sharman, whose "Cursory History of Swearing" does not include any obscene words, attacks bloody for several pages.

A sampling:. We cannot disguise to ourselves that there is much in its unfortunate associations to render its occurrence still exceedingly painful. Originating in a senseless freak of language, it has by dint of circumstances become so noisome and offensive Dirty drunkards hiccup it as they wallow on ale-house floors. Morose porters bandy it about on quays and landing-stages. From the low-lying quarters of the towns the word buzzes in your ear with the confusion of a Babel.

In the cramped narrow streets you are deafened by its whirr and din, as it rises from the throats of the chaffering multitude, from besotted men defiant and vain-glorious in their drink, from shrewish women hissing out rancour and menace in their harsh querulous talk.

Bugger was the other early obscenity used nonliterally, with the true flexibility of a fully developed swearword. It was, in the past as now, a blunt, direct word for anal intercourse or for the person who does the penetrating during said anal intercourse, the pedicatorif you will remember your Latin.

One final example shows that the biblical epidemic of crotch grabbing had not entirely died out in the Victorian era. The General Assembly of Ohio refused to grant the divorce — they felt that the testimony on both sides was so fantastical and unreliable that they could make no determination about the truth of the matter.

It is interesting that in the 19th century, bugger was apparently a term that could be applied equally to men and women, while today it is used almost exclusively toward men. This movement contradicts two trends in swearword evolution. With the development of feminism, many swearwords have become more equal-opportunity, not less.

Bitch can now be applied to men and women, as can cunt.

victorian swear words

Bugger bucks this trend, too, going from a word used of men and women equally to an insulting term reserved almost exclusively for men. In these examples, bugger shows great grammatical flexibility.

Geoffrey Hughes categorizes swearing into eight classes, while Tony McEnery finds 16; either way, the above buggers can occupy many of the slots.

As we can see with buggermost categories of swearing require the word not to be used in its literal sense. Bloody and bugger were the two most prevalent swearwords in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was possible to print the two, even if they had to be disguised as b——y and b-gg-r, where f——k would have been impermissible.Want top speak like a Victorian? James Redding Ware, the pen name of writer Andrew Forrester, documented slang English terms of that perverted period in British history in his book Passing English of the Victorian era, a dictionary of heterodox English, slang and phrase.

A figure of speech used to describe drunken men. Brave or fearless.

victorian swear words

A verbal attack, generally made via the press. Too much extravagance. To get a black eye. When walking or otherwise getting around, you could ask people to let you pass, please. Or you could ask them to mind the grease, which meant the same thing to Victorians.

21 Victorian Slang Terms It's High Time We Revived

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What expressions were used profanely that would seem mild or strange today? Given the lack of education and maybe sparse communities did these people use cuss and swear words similar to today's frequency? It's difficult to know exactly how people spoke in earlier times. Also, when asking this question, it is important to know which class of individuals you are speaking of. Also, swearing is a highly individual matter. One reason this is a difficult question to address is that the printed word was kept to certain standards of "decency.

So, in my opinion, trying to look to Google Ngrams for hints at swearing only shows trends in censorship. To look at books for examples of swearing is the wrong direction. Was the F word used just as much in as it is today? I don't think we will ever know. Some say "yes" assuming that people were just as vulgar in "the good ole' days. There is the expression "To cuss like a sailor" which clearly indicates that sailors used "colorful language" to express themselves.

There is also the expression "take the lord's name in vain" which seems to indicate that at one time when swearing people said "God dammit.

People have always used race, religion, ethnicity, sexual interests, level of intelligence, or place of origin to insult another person, along with references to body parts. It was no different in s America. A quick search under "swearing in victorian times" reveals numerous websites hosting articles about the subject.

The words may change and you can look them up yourself but the idea is always the same. Many of these words are foreign to us now.

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Also, I don't we will know them all because swearing can be very specific to a region or profession. In s we might hear someone say "Roberts, you're a God-damned fool.

More so back then, because birth origin was deemed more important than it is in modern times. Although users will most likely disagree about this, calling someone a whore's son in was legally good enough to challenge someone to a duel to defend their honor. We also might hear someone say that they resemble female or male anatomy Insults most likely took the form of questions or statements.

So it is possible a person in could insult someone by asking "Are you sure you are not the son of a whaling captain? But a quick grab in the insult bag for a vulgarity was certainly done. Calling someone an ass, whore, bootlicker, or clamface was done.By Boris Kustodiev.

Found here. By Konstantin Makovsky. This was generally done by older people, while younger people thought it was bad form or old-fashioned to drink from the saucer.

victorian swear words

Research online seems to show most drinking-from-saucers took place in Scandinavia en Russia, and that the habit was probably taken to America by European immigrants. I wonder though, how this habit came about? It seems the tea cools faster when drank from a saucer, which is understandable for busy farmers but it seems strange that mostly people from really cold countries Northern Europe and Russia would like their tea to cool fast.

I cannot really find an origin or reason for the drinking from saucers, except that it…. View original post 7 more words. Any reference to the notion of Victorian fatherhood typically brings to mind an image of a distant and sever man. Yet, like so many other words, it remains taboo. One would be wrong to do so, but one might try. John Ruskin, like Thomas Carlyle, George Eliot, Robert Browning, and John Henry Newman, was raised as an Evangelical Anglican, and although he abandoned his earlier religious beliefs byhis thought and writing long retained the mark of his early religion.

The very notion of cursing has religious roots, though curse words are obviously quite different from curses, or hexes, but, as Ruskin explains both have roots in the unChristian practice of wishing, or inflicting, harm on another person because, according to parts of the Bible, to do so is to act against God. On 15 AprilPresident Abraham Lincoln called for 75, volunteers to quell the rebellion that would become the American Civil War.

On the same day, four years later, Lincoln would die from a gun shot wound to the head. In the days that followed that, hundreds of people were arrested all over the United States under suspicion of conspiring to kill the president.

One of them, Francis Tumblety may have gone on to become Jack the Ripper. Twain was a deserter of the Confederate side, after serving for two weeks, and claimed to have been ignorant of the politics behind the war when he joined.

Later, her reflected that the war was:. The idealist in me likes to believe that is because we learn from it, but I do know better. Like each of us individually, we seem to collectively repeat the same mistakes over and over.

I confess that I started thinking about the politics behind the American Civil War as I watched the various states taking sides over Indiana and their so-called religious freedom. Wells was a prolific English writer, who began publishing in my favourite literary decade of the moment: the s. I chose this quote because it opens many doors in the conversation about writing.

First, it exposes a gap in my knowledge.Four-letter words are all well and good, but they're a bit tired, and lack that, well, sparkle. Isn't it time you used something more spectacularly, historically offensive to demonstrate your shock, surprise, or resignation?

Don't you only deserve the best? Humans have been stellar swearers throughout history.

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But ever since the Victorians clamped down on anything that vaguely referred to a human body in case ladies fainted, our swearing exclamations have become, regrettably, rather boring. Click Here to Buy.

Partially, this is because of religious standards. It's perfectly acceptable to say "Jesus Christ! Medieval swearers had to obfuscate their swearing in a hilarious pudding of rhyme and allusion, but modern-day television channels won't so much as bleep it out.

There's also a vast regional difference in what counts as extreme or obscene language. In England, "bloody" is still quite racy, but in Australia, politicians can say basically anything aside from the C-word in Parliament. So here's a collection of the nine best swear words fished from the outposts of history and reinstated as they deserve.

Isn't that adorable. Nora, alas, did not actually exist, and was not some Edwardian equivalent of Jack the Ripper. This is a London Cockney slang variant of "flaming horror," where somebody with little time mangled the "h" off the front of "horror" and the "g" off the end of "flaming.

Sample sentence: "Bloody Nora, mate. It's only Scandal. Calm down. This somehow found its way into Wild-West-style English, but its origins are obscure. It could have come from "concern," or, less likely, some variation or flattening of "goddamn.If you call someone a butt sniffer, they know they've been burnt Phillips sure did!

But burns like "flapdoodle" and "mumbling cove," on the other hand, don't have quite the same bite. Back in the 19th century, though, throwing one of these insults could get you challenged to a duel.

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Below are the definitions for these Victorian insults, plus 14 more rude words that we definitely think should be integrated back into modern vernacular. The information comes courtesy of Chambers Slang Dictionary by Jonathon Green, a noted author of several old-time urban dictionaries.

He's no ratbag, but feel free to use that word on your least favorite neighbor. Example: "Hey man, sorry I'm late. Some total church bell on the street wouldn't stop lecturing me about Scientology. Do you know what a thetan is? A sexually incompetent man, who is either too young to have had sex or one who is too old to attempt it "flapdoodle" also referred to nonsense or rubbish and ladyparts in the same time period.

It means his penis doesn't work. A bungler, or one who does things clumsily. Example: "God, Karen you are such a foozler. Are you at least going to help me glue my '99 intramural basketball trophy back together? An ugly person, especially one with a heavy lower jaw.

Example: "Jay Leno is a total gibface. I prefer my late-night hosts to have weak chins. A prostitute, who presumably works in the countryside "creeper" could also be substituted for "prowler" or "ranger". Example: "See that hedge-creeper over in the cul-de-sac? She just asked me if I wanted to party. I think I'm going to call the police. Example: "Dan is such a hornswoggler! He told me he was personal friends with an Nigerian prince who needs help, and I'm starting to believe he's never even been to Nigeria.

Example: "That jollocks who got stuck in the bathtub was our 27th president, William Howard Taft. A heavily acned nose the assumption here was that the acned nose was the result of drinking too much malmsey wine. Example: "You get total malmsey nose after two beers.

You should probably see a dermatologist. Example: "Quit being such a meater and jump out of the plane, Frank! A shabby person or an unpleasant, deceitful landlord. Can you believe that? Also, his tattered coat was hideous. A policeman, especially one tasked with harrying street prostitutes. Example: "I ain't telling you nothing, mutton shunter.

Stop laughing, it's an insult! Example : "Oh man, I'm so scared of birds, I can't even go outside if there are too many out there.

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