Fiio m5 vs m6

The M5 has a very tiny form factor and much smaller than the size of M6. Honestly, it looks just slightly bigger than common smartwatches. Continue reading…. If the latter put the emphasis on the low section, the M5 is much more clinical.

Comparison between FiiO M6, M7 & M9 High Resolution Lossless Music Players

Everything sounds flat and neutral, as if the brand chose to get rid of its older sound signature. Xtenik comment: This is the Sunday first look review on Headfonia, full review will be released when it is completed.

But it is worth to read what the professional reviewers from Headfonia saying about their first impression on Fiio M5. So what can you expect when it comes to audio quality with the little M5? Xtenik comment: Included a Youtube review in this article, so you can read more detail about M5.

The Youtube will show you the unboxing, how to operate the device, in the final part, there will be a comparison between Fiio M5 and Shanling M0, so you can know the difference between these two similar device. Here we get Linux with skin that provides fast loading time. Right after turning on the user sees the main menu that consists of 7 entries that are switched by swiping.

Let us see all of them. Xtenik comment: Honest, I like Porta. So here you have it guys, M5 is a powerful Bluetooth transmitter and receiver with a wide BT codec support. It sounds clean, quite detailed and layered as a player. GUI is quite polished and easy to navigate and remember where everything is placed in the menu.

Besides, Soundnews is also doing a great Youtube review. One of the fastest growth Youtube channels in Hifi. This bit advanced Digital to Analog converter with a headphone amplifier is a higher performing solution of the AKA that is adopted by many portable audio products. Xtenik comment: If you would like to read a more technical review, Moonstar would a good place to go.

Xtenik comment: An enthusiastic hifi artist love music. You can read the review of M5 and M6 in this link. M5 presents a balanced signature with a warm, pleasant and smooth sound.

The M5 also works as a Bluetooth receiver. So, for example, if you want to listen to Spotify streaming from your phone. You can connect the M5 wirelessly to your mobile device and listen from the M5. Xtenik comment: How to use spotify on M5? You can find the answer right there. Note: You can subscrible Z-review Youtube Channel by clicking here.

Looking for the latest firmware of Fiio M5?

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Xtenik comments: Porta. Fiio M5 first look and thoughts- by knewideas. The only way is to stream spotify from your smartphone to M5 via bluetooth. R3 is more natural and with better control over the sonic spectrum.

No custom EQ, at least now, only few presets M6 is more mature: more weight, more natural sound. Xuelin is more powerful, with more impact on lows, more weight and resolution on mids and a bit more refined treble. Cayin N3 is a bit more powerful and natural, but it also has a bit bigger lows accent.Check Authenticity. Learn more. All right reserved.

Player Player. Bluetooth Bluetooth. Earphone Earphone. Cables Cables. Accessories Accessories. Support Support. Forum Forum. M5 FAQ. Buy Now. About FiiO. Contact Us. Company Development. Follow Us. Exynos 14nm. CPU operating frequency.

FiiO M5 - Между BTR3 и M6

CPU No. Bluetooth Chip. Special features.

Long battery life, Deep sleep, Recording, Repeat. User interface. Bluetooth transmit. Bluetooth receive. Micro USB2. Display size. Display type.

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LG IPS screen. Number of colours. Viewable angle. Pixel density PPI.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Forums New posts Search forums. Articles New articles New comments Series Search articles. Log in Register. What's new Search Search Everywhere items This category.

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New items. New comments. Latest reviews. Search Head Gear. Log in. FiiO M6 - Reviews. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Overview Reviews 5 Gallery. Dobrescu George 4. Cons : - Neither doesn't have a lot of driving power - Both lack some treble extension and are a touch too smooth for metal and rock - Both have a more simpler bass compared to something like M9, which is much more detailed, tightrer, but also has more slam.

Priced at a price point of about USD for M6, and about USD for FiiO M5, they have quite a few competitors, as more and more companies are designing new DAPs that are both affordable and rely on a portable form factor to bring you all the joy and fun of music.

Introuction FiiO has became quite known lately for being one of the largest and most popular audiophile boutique brands, especially with many of their products being used even in flagship or high-end audiophile setups.

When it comes to their name and warranty, FiiO lately has been growing so much that you can rely on them better if purchasing their products from the local dealers rather than directly from FiiO, as local dealers will most often replace the entire product with a new one, and provide faster support if any issue is to arise. This being said, from about 10 FiiO products I owned and reviewed to date, and none with issues of any kind, and having received worthy updates for all of them, some of those updates quite interesting, like the latest FiiO Q5S update, I think that FiiO are reliable and make one of the best companies to get your audio delights from, especially if you're on a budget.

I have decided to make this review a comparative one and include both the M5 and M6 in the same review, because a lot of the questions about each were along the lines of me comparing them, so here we are. It should be noted that I have absolutely no affiliation with FiiO, I am not receiving any incentive for this review or to sweeten things out. I'd like to thank FiiO for providing the sample for this review.

More precisely, each comes with an interesting case, M5 with a clip case, and in some parts of the world, with a watch-like case, while M6 comes with a few screen protectors, and a silicone case.

They all remind me of the iPod Shuffle, and it seems that the market for those is growing, with more and more people wanting an affordable tiny something to take on a run, so if you're concerned, you can always just get one of those and enjoy it.

The device is entirely metallic, with a smooth rounded design, so it is comfortable to use, and the entire device is simply quite ergonomic. I think that the ergonomics of M5 are considerably better than either M0 or AP80, simply because the shape flows better, and it sits better in hand.

Since a plastic case is also included in the package, M5 has good points for portability, but it is uncomfortable to use with just one finger if you're a slightly larger fellow, like me, and the display is simply physically not very practical for portable usage with my fingers, but neither was the display of any other DAP in this shape and size.

The Firmware and UI are very stable, but very basic, there's nothing magical going on with M5, and regardless of how hard you'd try to pop more features into a device of this shape and size, it is only going to be less and less practical, with my biggest issue being that I am mostly unable to select an option, not because the touch isn't good, but because I can't find a way to handle the device ergonomically. The display gets extremely bright, and is easy to read under direct sunlight, during mid day, the device has a microSD slot, which supports a huge music collection, and the 2.

In terms of battery life, M5 lasts for about 10 hours of actual music play time, especially with lower impedance IEMs, and about 12 hours if used as a Bluetooth receiver, which is one of the major selling points, if you need a simpler music listening experience, and the ability to still manage your playlist and app using your smartphone.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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As such, this post will focus on usability and UI. Let me also talk a bit about my own biases. As such, I came into this comparison ready to love the M2X, curious about the R3 and kinda uninterested in the M6. Read on to find out how my expectations were subverted. Rather, it uses what I understand is a custom Linux build. This is commendable in theory — Android has evolved in a bit of a bloaty mess in recent years, and is known for having multiple issues in the way it handles higher bitrate output — but unfortunately it seems to me that the current Shanling firmware falls short of modern DAP standards.

Issues range from a weird, bouncy scrolling, to some glitches here and there, to slow er loading of album art, and finally a really limited amount of customizability: want to sort your songs any other way than A-Z? No can do. Want to change the album list display to make the cover art larger?

And so on. The options are as bare bones as they get, and while they definitely include all must haves, the interface you get out of the box is the only interface you can have.

fiio m5 vs m6

The screen is also not super high-res, and definitely worse than the other two.When the Apple iPhone 7 did away with the 3. Of course you had the option to buy any other smartphone, but the move from one of the biggest trend-setters in the industry was a sign of things to come. It also led to the revival of the idea of the personal audio player, with a renewed focus on sound quality. Today, high-resolution audio players are in fashion once again. Using wired headphones with a good digital-analogue converter DAC is still considered by many to be the best way to listen to music while on the go, and a strong part of that setup is the source device.

Today, we're reviewing a product that hopes to replace the smartphone as your primary source device for music — the Fiio M6.

Fiio M6 Review

Priced at Rs. How does it perform, and can it make a positive impact on your portable audio experience? We review to find out. Portable media players should ideally be small, since it's presumed that you will be using one alongside a smartphone.

The Fiio M6 does have size as an advantage, easily fitting in the palm of a hand. The frame of the Fiio M6 is metal, and it has toughened glass at back. The top of the M6 has the 3. At the front is a 3. The device runs on custom firmware based on Android, with the UI simplified to focus on music playback. You get the main Fiio Music app along with other apps for file management, a gallery, and settings.

None of these services are officially available in India, so you'll probably want them out of your way.

Perhaps the only real issue with the interface is that it appears a bit cramped and poorly laid out.

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Additionally, a few popular music apps and streaming services including Spotify, Deezer, and ES File Explorer have been whitelisted and can be side-loaded onto the device, if you intend to use them. The M6 is Wi-Fi enabled, and can thus be used to stream music from compatible apps. Apps such as Tidal — which is focused on high-resolution music streaming — will be particularly useful to users who have subscriptions and want access to high-resolution audio content over the Internet.

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fiio m5 vs m6

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