Buddy 125 wire harness

Powersports Outlet. We carry a large selection of parts and accessories and provide all levels of service on the brands we sell. We started as a single line Moto Guzzi dealer in We specialize in GenuineHyosungand Kymco parts and accessories. Click on the brand logos above to find the parts and accessories you need. Powersports Outlet aka Encore Performance and Fabrication is a motorcycle, scooter, and ATV dealer located in the high desert of Prescott, AZ We carry a large selection of parts and accessories and provide all levels of service on the brands we sell.

Buddy Parts 50 - - - Owners Manual Covers the Buddy 50,and i We have a couple of older ones left that only go up to the as shown in the picture If you need one for the i just add a note in the order and we'll make sure you get the correct one. Service Manual Essential if you are going to tackle anything other than basic maintenance on your scooter There is no manual available for purchase for the Buddy i.

Buddy 50 Buddy Buddy Air Filter Buddy Air Filter Buddy - - i. Fuel Filter Includes fuel filter and rubber mounting strap Buddy - Oil Screen Buddyand Speedometer Cable Buddy Rear Brake Cable Buddy Rear Brake Cable Buddy - - Throttle Cable Buddy Throttle Cable Buddy - Buddy Belt Buddy 50 Stock Belt.

Belt Buddy - Stock Belt. Key Blank All Buddy's. Ignition Switch Assembly Complete ignition switch assembly with 2 keys This switch is used for the ignition as well as the seat latch and the steering lock Fits: Buddy and all years Fits: Buddy 50 manufactured Nov or older. Right Hand Switch Assembly Complete switch assy for the Buddy 50,and i models and newer with Hazard Switch If you need one for a model give us a call.

Floormat - Black Help your Buddy look its best Floormat - Brown Buddy 50 and Pamplona - International. Battery Cover - Black Fits all Buddy's 50,and Handlebar Cover - Upper Fits Buddy 50,and i We only stock a few colors If your color is not in stock it will ship in business days We will be stocking more bodywork soon, in the meantime give us a call to order anything you don't see. Headlight Ring Bezel Large chrome version for and newer models Fits: Buddy 50,and Also available in black.

Tropez Includes Throttle Tube The grip is GREY it may seem a little green in the picture but its just the lighting It is the orginal color that came on those two "International Series" Will fit all Buddys, if you'd like to change out your original grips Don't forget the Grip Glue just below the all the grips.Please email us at trail-buddy hotmail. We will email you if your order is impacted for more than 4 business days with this issue. We ask for your understanding that response times, order processing, and shipping will be delayed during this time.

Mini Trail Gear.

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Email Address: What's New? Monthly Specials and Sales. Dual Stage Foam Air Filter all black. These are not pre-oiled so you will need to do that prior to using.


Both size filters are 4" wide and 4" overall height. The foam height is 3". Available in either a 45mm or 48mm diameter. Lay Flat collar keeps its shape wash after wash. Durable double stitching trims sleeves and bottom hem. Full cut provides roomier fit.

We designed a simple 12v harness for your easy conversions to a Lifan Motor.Discount does not apply to shipping and handling charges. Customer Service. Contact Us. Shipping Policy. Warranty Policy. Easy Returns. Welcome, Guest! Log-In or Register below. Log In. Street Scooter Parts. Mini Bike. Lift Chair. Hospital Bed. Mobility Aid.

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Sign In. Register Account. Mobility Scooter and Power Chair Parts. Recreational Scooter Parts. Wheelchair Parts. Lift Chair Parts. Kick Scooter Parts. Tools Tubes Wheels. Mobility Aid Parts. Walker Parts. A Brands. Diggler Drive Medical Dynacraft. Falcon Fatboy Foldawheel. Freedom Freerider Fuzion. Genuine Go-Go Golden. Jazzy Jet Jetson Jonway. Lambretta LaScoota Lashout.All Content Copyright by Modern Buddy. All Rights Reserved.

Genuine Buddy running light conversion. Previous topic :: Next topic. I'm not sure why but I searched this topic and came up with nothing.

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When I chose the next page pages available it came up with no matches found. Dead end. Anyway, I'm seriously thinking of converting my rear turn signal bulbs into running lights because while I have the front of the scooter lit up like a freight train with the deadlight conversion and a 4. Maybe it's the new thing to ride my rear fender when we're the only two vehicles on the road.

Never understood that whole mindset.

buddy 125 wire harness

So, does anyone have any suggestions? I've only had this scooter since June. I imagine the real answer is not to ride at night. As a last resort I'd have the local scooter shop install the front to back running light conversion kit but that's going to cost a ton in labor. Back to top. If you convert the rear turn signals to running lights, you'll need to switch to LED bulbs or you'll be pulling too much juice for the paltry electrical system on the Buddy.

With that, you'll need a universal flasher relay to compensate for the change in flow. That's not too big a deal but keep in mind you will lose the nice audible ticking of the turn signal indicator from the stock flasher relay. Again, no problem but you'll have to be careful to check you signals until it becomes habit.

buddy 125 wire harness

Give him a shout and see if he still makes the rear running light package. It's exactly what you're looking for.Did you mean: muddy harness items?

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Step-In Harness 62 Items Chest Plate Harness 33 Items Not Specified 3 Items 3. Buddy Belt 64 Items Not Specified 1 Items 1. Adjustable 60 Items Padded 1 Items 1. Not Specified 4 Items 4. Leather 63 Items Fabric 1 Items 1. Dog Size.

Buddy Parts (50 - 125 - 150 - 170)

S 2 Items 2. Not Specified 63 Items New Items Used 34 Items Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format. All Listings. Buy It Now. Item Location. Canada Only. North America.

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buddy 125 wire harness

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buddy 125 wire harness

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